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[1021] - Expired License Date


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Hey folks,


I would like the Expired License Date to be evolved to the functionality that I could add multiple dates. And btw where do I find it? I couldn't find it.


for example, I take part in a lot of photo contests, so I created the custom tag structure like this:


Photo Contests



---Contest 1

---Contest 3


---Contest 2

---Contest 4


---contest 5

---contest 6


These days I have to check online for updates, and move the files from one tag to the other in order to know which contests are expired etc. If Daminion could do it itself, it would be awesome. While adding those files to the different contests, just adding these two dates.


I know I can see all this on viewbug, but I would like to have it in Daminion, since I create those tags anyway in order to know where my pictures are uploaded at all times.


thanks René!

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Hi Rene,


my understanding of the Expired Licence Date is different from yours.

My point of view: I get/buy an image to do something with it. Maybe I have to pay for the image to use it for a certain time. After that period of time I may not use it. This is the date I enter in this Tag.


Regards, Uwe

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Rene, it will be better to create a new custom tags for your purpouse. Because you still might want to use your photos after the contest date, while you can't view, export, email or print images with Expired License Date.


Hey Murat,


right now I use a Custom Tag for that, but I need to do everything manually. That's why I was asking for and improvment of the "Expired License Date" to not disable the media but just give me a warning that the contests are over.




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