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I have a question: is there any shortcut or combination to move the cursor to the field: "Keyword Tag" in the Properties Panel and to open this field for input?



I'm tagging a lot of items and it would be great not to use the mouse to make this field ready for input. I would like to work only with the keyboard in this case.

Or maybe to define a custom shortcut for such activities. E.g. CTRL-I is currently assigned to the Keyword Tag and I assign all the keywords. Then I assign CTRL-I to the Title Tag etc. and continue.

Yes, I know one can work differently - it's just a question or maybe a feature request if other user are interested in getting such a function.


Regards, Uwe

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Ctrl + D will focus the field with the underscore title in the right panel. You can change the default input field by clicking to the title of another tag.


After tag was received the input (focused) you can expand it's content by the Ctrl + Down Arrow key combination.

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