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[website feature] Download by torrent


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Stable version of Daminion is not very big - it's 32.48 MB. But it uses you resources and there are some people who wish to help :good: Some FLOSS and freeware software uses officialy torrent as a way to download application. I already found:

* LibreOffice

* Gimp

* KLite Codec Pack


What do you think about it? I'm online for about 5-10 hours per day, so it's not much, but I'd seed it and I bet I wouldn't be the only one.


What do you need?

* a torrent file

* tracker (e.g. http://publicbt.com/)

* MD5 hash could be useful for some people


How to make it? (optional steps are striked)

* prepare an exe file (maybe with name Daminion_{version}.exe?)

* add a readme.txt file with e.g. version number, website

* create torrent file using e.g. BitTorrent or uTorrent or something else

** you need to provide tracker (just add there udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80 - no registration etc. needed, it's all automatic)

** Name it like Daminon {version}.torrent

* upload torrent file to Daminion website and add link to it

* generate magnet link and add it to website

** if you'd use uTorrent/BitTorrent you can do it by rclick on the torrent and choose "Copy magnet link". That and other ways: http://geeks.im/turn-a-torrent-file-into-a-magnet-link/


Here Daminion download is rather slow (about 200-500 kB/s), so by torrent power you could download it faster and use less transfer on your server. And official torrent is much better than unofficial ones, because you don't need to worry about additional surprises like trojans.


As I said earlier I'm willing to seed it a bit (max 3 mbps, but I bet that quickly there would be a lot of seeders) and help in creating it, if it would be needed.

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Hey Krzysiu,

I don't see there any good in it. I mean, it might be usefull for the final version, even that, I wouldn't be so sure.


for the nightly builts it's not for sure. Since the way it is Murat can easaly remove one file, that creates problems, if it would be seeded by others there will be a lot of trouble due to falty instalations downloaded from other computers.

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I don't see any need from my point of view. We are talking about a small download volume of 110MB maybe once a week if you are using the unofficial builds. Absolut no problem for me. And the update process is working without any problem.


Regards, Uwe

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I meant stable builds. Well, the most important thing is how many resources uses typical download. Also recently it was very slow.


About update issue - it could update by http like now.


I want to note that it's not "feature I'd want" but "feature that you [authors] might want and if you don't, it's still totally fine".

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