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XMP dc "Type" tag (-xmp-dc:Type)


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With build 919, the xmp-dc:Type tag was added to the list of mapping fields of the Categories tag, and it worked. (It was one-directional, read only mapping.) Currently – I tried builds 932 and 957 – it is mapped – the first entry, if there are more – to Title. I suppose this is a glitch, not an improvement?

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I'm sorry I'm bringing this up again. Not that I couldn't live without the Type tag; it seems it doesn't have many users here. But I suppose it would be better to remove this mapping altogether then leaving current behaviour.


So, Murat, is this planned to be fixed some day?


Have a nice weekend!

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Here is a sample:




The image has a single tag, Xmp-dc:Type. The value is portrait. After importing into Daminion, this value is mapped to Title (instead of Categories).


If the Type tag has multiple values, as it can, the first value becomes Title. Here the Type tag has values portrait and example:




Again, portrait becomes Title.


I hope this is more understandable now. If not, I will gladly provide more information.


Have a nice day!

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Thanks for the explanation! We can move -xmp-dc:Type from mapping list of the Title to mapping list of the Categories.


However there is an issue when a list of fields for reading is different than list of fields for writing. Below is an example list of steps to better explain what I mean:


1. I'll import an image with dc:Type="portrait, example"

2. The above values will be imported as Daminion's Categories

3. Then I'll remove the "example" category and write tags back to the image.

4. The "example" field will be saved to the "XMP:Category" but not to the "XMP:DC:Type" field

5. I'll perform ReadTagsFromFile command.

6. The "example" category will be imported back again because the "XMP:DC:Type" field wasn't updated in the step #4


This is the problem with one-directional mapping. Unfortunately we can't put the "DC:Type" to the list of the Category fields for writing.


One of the possible ways to solve the issue is to clear the "XMP:DC:Type" field while writing to the "XMP:Categories" but I am not sure if this is a right way.

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In build 985 it is now mapped to Categories, thanks. But until the problem with removing Categories after one-directional mapping is solved in some way, you could probably reconsider including this very tag in final version of Daminion. If it is not used much in real life and most software ignores it, you should perhaps do the same. This is a commercial program and should not include things that look like bugs. I use the Type tag, but can easily live without it (and copy the values to Supplemental Categories). I don't need a feature in Daminion, if nobody else uses it. It complicates life, and life is hard enough anyway.

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