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feature request - Support of online Clouds


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Hey Murat,

since I'm moving back to China, I thought about how to access my files at home, I could keep a copy of them, but than I found this.




What do you think, would it be possible to have Daminon create a database there, identical to the one on my Server, and have it two-way-syncing?


Than I could work on the online database form China and have my Server beeing synced for my parents.


this way I would have another backup and a big relability since our internet access has only 2mb upload.


what do you guys think?

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I don't want to have any personal data in the cloud except data published by the Publishing Service. I prefer the desktop solution with full control and access.

Please read this: Daminion: https://www.daminion.net/feature-tour/daminion-server/why-desktop-solution-is-better

From my point of view Daminion will keep the data as safe as possible out of any cloud services...


Regards, Uwe


PS: my vote: NO

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Hello Rene,


yes, it makes some ways of working very comfortable but for me it's a question of design and strategy.

Do I want to have as much flexibility, independent on my technical status (server at home, always on, backup ...) or do I want to be dependent on a service provider, it's business plan, technical support ...? Does he exist tomorrow?

I prefer to be independent as long as possible (e.g. don't buy the Adobe CC version and stay on CS6 as long as possible) and can live with some restriction in my personal flexibility.


Regards, Uwe

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I totally agree with you. I'm on with the same point.


But e.g. people who can't afford a server it's great and for me two flats (Hamburg and Shanghai) it is very convienient eventhough I don't realy like the idea of giving my files away. That btw is the reason why I requested a ReadyNas Version, that way I would safe a lot of money and I could bye one in Shanghai as well.

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I liked an idea of our of our users how tried to built a system to work with the same image archive from 2 differen location. However current Daminion version doesn't support it now (I'll raise this question on the next breefing with the Daminion team).


- He installed Daminion Server on the PC1

- Put all images to PC1\C:\MyPhotos

- Connect to Daminion Server on the PC1 from Daminion Client on the PC2 using VPN

- Establish a file sync process that will sync PC1\C:\MyPhotos with PC2\C:\MyPhotos


The database query performance was good in case of the VPN connection, but unfortunatelly current

Daminion version requests an original file over VPN instead of getting a local copy of the same file.


I guess this scheme should work with you either if we'll change this behavior.

And you have some time to find and test a VPN solution (software or hardware based) :wink:


Unfortunatelly I can't find a link to the original post to post it here.

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