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How to show all empty place tags


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He Rene,


what do you mean with "empty"? You see in the Ctalog Tags all Places Tags and the number of assigned items. To see the sub-tags you have to explode the Palces Tags - but you know that.


Regards, Uwe


I guess it's a little too long list if you added a lot of tags previously. If you delete the images, the tags are remaining there (which is a good thing, i need the already created tag structure), so there can be a lot of tags with zero assigned item, it can be a lot of time to find them all manually.

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Hi Rene


In my understanding just below the "Places" group there is a set of tags in Square Brackets





This is the unassigned or empty tags.


You can also use the advanced search to build your search for empty tags.





I am not sure if this search works correctly because the status panel lists incorrect categories. See below when I search by selecting empty tags for Country AND State AND City AND Location the panel reports Country AND Country AND Country AND Country?



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