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Feature Request - synchronize DateTime


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sometimes I have photos from several people and different cameras but made at the same moment e.g. on a hiking tour. Sometimes the DateTime of all cameras are not synchronized. To bring them in the right sequence later in the photo show, we make a photo at the same moment with all cameras. Then I take this photo and one camera as the reference to "shift" the date and time of all other cameras to synchronize them.

Now I do it in Daminion with a command line of the ExifTool.

I would like to have this support in Daminion.

Additionally I would like to have a function that works in this way: several thumbnails are selected. Now I change the Creation DateTime of one of the selected items. This one is set to the entered DateTime and all other items are adjusted relative to the changed one.


DateTime photo01 = 01.01.2011 10:00:00

DateTime photo02 = 01.01.2011 10:20:00

changed DateTime photo01 to = 01.01.2011 10:15:00

automatically adjusted DateTime photo02 to: 01.01.2011 10:35:00 because the difference was 20min before between both photos.


Regards, Uwe

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