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[911] bug report - Daminion lost Place information


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Hello Murat,

while I was telling my parents to browse through the pictures and try to find any wrong information, I found that a lot of pictures that where previosly tagged by me, Place tag until the Location tag everything filled out and than saved, lost information. They only have left "Country= United States of Amerca" und "Provice/State= Florida" everything else like the Towns and Restaurants got deleted.


Now, I know for a fact that these files had have been tagged by me, since they have geotags.


Normaly I do all the place tags and than open that place tag and do the geotags, much easier that way.


The Problem is, I can't tell when this happend, since I havn't used the photos since I orderd them last year. Maybe it happend while restoring my Database or while upgrading. They where first touched in Summer 2012 (now Idea what built that was)






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