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Design question: who needs the pop-up window "Assigning Tags..."?


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I've selected some items in the Thumbnail Window and assigned the tags by drag and drop. Then I continue to scroll up and/or down to select other items etc. But I'm interrupted and loose the mouse control by the pop-up window "Assigning Tags...".

My question: Who needs this information?

My point of view: I don't need it. It's just an information about the process. I can't neither interrupt the process nor confirm it. I expect that the tags will be assigned after the drag and drop etc. and don't want to be interrupted by this message. If this message and other similar messages is/are useful for other purpose why not show it in the status bar in the bottom of the window?

What's your opinion?

Regards, Uwe

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I always thought that this is a performance issue, that it's there every time. When I want to assign color labels and ratings, I'd like to work fast with the keyboard, assign with the key code, step to the next image with arrow key, assign again, step again, etc. But I alway have to wait for that assigning tags... message. I was hoping it will be gone forever after the program is optimized for version 1, but it's still there.


So is this a design element? Well, I don't like it. :)




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