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Request. Map preview.


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Creating new topic.


3. You have Window -> Preview option that shows small frame at bottom right corner. May be you'll add similar window with map to show position of selected?

You can check the "Zoom map to location of the selected image" for this.


At first I do not see any effect of check/uncheck. And the second is check placed in separate window "Map". I think map preview frame will be much convenient and will make better look to Daminion. See picture below.


Map preview is convenient to see where photo was made. And separate window is convenient to search which photos was made at some place, on map.


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Hi Murat and Cactus,


thanks for your help.


It seams to become complicate. Are there 2 different map windows

- in posting #1 by cactus, the window is called "Map preview"

- when I use Window > Map, then the window is named only "Karte"


or is the difference due to different program-versions (I use 2.5.932)?


There are some more differences in the map-window.


see attachment


(After I made the screenshot, I noticed that the icon for the settings of the map-window was missing. I tried several times and suddenly, the icon appeared.)




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It doesn't seem to change when I first check it, but as I click new images, the map updates.


Yes, This works only when you click on thumbnail, you expect this work also when selecting this feature in Map. (but do not work in this way)


Also, In Map, text should be "Center map into selected..." rather than "Zoom map into selected...".

Actually it do not Zoom on it, it just center the map on it.

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