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feature request - Event log about user actions on client software


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Hey Murat,

I would like a feature, that will enable me as the admin user to see what every user did, like an event log. I could open it from the client software and undo that changes if neccessary.



maybe even a "trashcan" Some user deleded some files and realises that whats wrong, I could simply undo that process. Maybe Daminion could store all deleded files within one folder for 7 days until it will be deleted automatically.



thanks rene

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I agree with the event log or action log but not to the "recovery" function.

I prefer to use a well defined backup strategy. If the files are on the NAS you don't have the Windows Recycle Bin function. That means for Daminion to copy deleted files to a local drive to keep them for a certain time.


Regards, Uwe

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