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Congratulations & DNG Question


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Congratulations on RC 1.0.0_751 :drinks:


Great job! Looks like lots of things were fixed and/or improved in this release. No problems seen so far but I've only been using it about an hour. The folder "Re-scan" works fine for me. <Opps! Spoke too soon! There is a problem and I'll post separately about it.> Great to see the "Locate in Explorer" and Thumbnail rotation issues fixed.


I'm in the process of converting all my RAW files to DNG. I wish I had done that from day one of my first RAW photo but I didn't realize the advantages of it back then.


Just curious why you intend to build a DNG converter into Daminion when you have been so careful not to do any other photo processing inside Daminion. I like the idea of linking to external programs for processing and allowing Daminion to deal with the metadata and cataloging only. Why not do the same by just linking to an external DNG converter. I'm using Adobe DNG Converter v7.2.0.46 for my current conversion project. Is there any reason that I should wait for the Daminion converter?

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As far as I understood the plan, Daminion will use the Adobe DNG converter and doesn't develop ist own module.

It would be interesting to see what happens when Adobe delivers new versions of the converter and I hope we can replace the old version be the new one without to update Daminion.

This is possible with the ExifTool, Daminion doesn't use the current version but you can replace it without Problems if you want to do this, but not with the PostgreSQL DB. Even if PSI marks the version installed by Daminion as insecure and a new version exists you can't update this version by yourself.


Regards, Uwe

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As Uwe said we'll use an external Adobe DNG Converter. The working prototype is available in our RoboImport (http://roboimport.com).


We'll interact with this tool via command line with a limited set of parameters. And most unlikely that the existing list of will be changed even if Adobe will launch a new version.


Better support for DNG allows to display in Daminion actual image adjustments. And avoid using sidecars...

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