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Place Tags Question


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I have 10K+ files tagged with "NL" in the "State" portion of the Place Tag. I have 55K+ files tagged with "Newfoundland & Labrador" in the "State" portion of the Place Tag. I want to eliminate use of the "NL" and have both sets of files tagged with "Newfoundland & Labrador" for the "State". How can I do this without deleting/changing the "City" and "Location" data? If I select multiple files and change the State in the Description Panel, then the City and Location information is deleted. Same thing happens if I drag the thumbnail to the "State" portion of the Place Tag in the Catalog Tags panel. I can't "Rename" "NL" either because it says that name already exists. How can I do this? TIA


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Hi Mardon,


from my point of view: no chance. The hierarchy levels belong together as one unit. If you select one level of such a unit you get this level and all other above the selected one. The tags below the selected level have to be empty because there can be more than one (e.g. one state tag and many city tags: Canada-->Newfoundland&Labrador-->many cities) or they are empty as in your case ("NL"). Which city tag would you like to have or should be selected automatically, when you select "Newfoundland&Labrador"?

If you want to switch from "NL" to "Newfoundland&Labrador" you have to reassign your items.


Regards, Uwe

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If the files from NL are located on certain folders it can be done via ExifTool.


You can write an ExifTool script that changes NL to "Newfoundland&Labrador" in all the files on a certain folder. And then update these files in Daminion using "Rescan Folder" feature.


An ExifTool Export Processor add-on similar to Photoshop Script Exporter by Randall Smith) might be more helpful here cause it would allows to run ExifTool to the selection of files from different folders.

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I posted a reply earlier but was getting so confused that I deleted that one and now I'm going to try again. I have four questions that are kind of interrelated. The questions arose as a result of the feedback from both of you and are about Place Names Tags


Included with this post is an image that contains 5 screen shots.


Question #1 - Why did the "State" value of an image get changed from "NL" to "Newfoundland & Labrador" during a DNG conversion and Daminion import of the DNG file?


Details: The first screen grab shows file _EM43336.CR2 as the focus. Note how the properties panel shows the "State" value as "NL". I used Adobe's DNG converter v7.2 to create the DNG file _EM4333.DNG and then added it to the catalog. This file is the focus in the second screen grab. Notice how the "State" value is now "Newfoundland & Labrador" yet I did nothing to make this change during the conversion process.


Question #2: Why does the Catalog Tags Panel show that there are no sub-tags to any of the 10149 files with the NL "state" tag even though the properties panel shows that image _EM43336.CR2 has subtags? (Most of the other 10149 files with the "NL" State tag have subtags below the State level also.)


Question #3: Why does ExifTool not show any Place tags for image _EM43336.dng?


Details: The second screen grab shows that the Properties Panel for image _EM43336.dng contains a full set of place tags. Screen grab 3 shows these same tags in Bridge. The fourth screen grab shows that ExifTool does not list any "Country, Province, City or Location". The fifth screen grab shows that there is no IPTC data seen by ExifTool. (The command line version shows the same thing.)


Question #4: Do placed tags get written in different places by different programs and might that be causing my problems/confusion? I just noticed that ExifTool does show Place data for _EM4333.DNG in a location labeled as "XMP-photoshop". See Place_Tags2 image.



The more I look at this I think that the files that don't behave nicely with Place tags are the ones that I used Adobe Bridge to enter the Place tag information. Is it possible Bridge uses a non-standard approach to Place tags?



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