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So, I exported pictures and resized them to a smaller dimension in the process. When I tried to open the exported images in Picasa image viewer, it gave me an "invalid image" error. Any photo I export from Daminion -- except when using the "original photo" setting -- has the same result. In another image viewer, the photos can be seen, but the colors are wacky. Windows Photo Viewer displays the exported photos properly.

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the export (with resizing) works well but the color information are lost. The original JPG has Adobe RGB. When I open the exported and resized photo by Photoshop CS6 I get the information that the embedded color information is missing and I have to assign a new one.


Regards, Uwe

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Very strange, but it works fine on our redt computers. Could you please tell me:

- what is the image format of the original image format?

-what is the color space (color profile) of the original files?

- Could you please send me an original and exported version of the file?

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Thank you, Uwe!


I've opened the exported image you just sent me with a set of various tools,

- Picasa,

- Photoshop,

- Windows Photo Gallery


And it's almost identical with the original image on my computer.


We'll check why the color profile information not assigns to the output images.



Sulawesi_Girl, could you please send me an exported file that leads to the error message?

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