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Please explain - Rescan Folders behaviour and hash table


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I need an explanation to understand. I have the problem that the action "Rescan Folders" does not always work as expected. This always happens when I have removed files of a folder from the catalogue, not deleted them from the disk, and then want to import them again via "Rescan Folders". In this case, the previously removed files are not imported again. From my point of view, the cause is that there is a hash value in the folder_hash table for the named folder, which has not changed because I have not changed anything in the folder on the disk. Daminion now seems to conclude that "Rescan Folders" also has nothing to import. Is there an explanation for handling it this way? For example, as soon as I add a file to the folder, "Rescan Folders" imports all the files again, because the hash value has now changed.

In connection with the drag and drop problem, I have repeatedly moved files between folders, removed them and tried to import folders via rescan. Since I have always done this with the same files and folders, I can now no longer import the same files via Rescan Folders unless I delete a file or add one.

regards, Uwe

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Hi Uwe, 


I have clarified this with the team - there was a change in behavior indeed, because we have received complaints from the client who do not import all the files from X folder into the catalog. Or import files but the remove the unwanted files from the catalog but need to keep them in the original folder. In these cases Daminion was bringing these files back again and again and we needed to impose the prevention policy. 


Kind regards, 


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I understand the explanation but not how the request was resolved. This means that the Rescan Folders function is functionally limited for all of your other customers. At this point I would have chosen a solution using appropriate permissions - the customer had already imported the files. For example, a new tag could have been provided (hide file) and access could have been restricted using permissions in the roles/access control (I-import, R-read, W-write, E-edit, M-remove, D-delete). A custom tag and advanced customization in the roles/access control could also be an option at this point.

Would it be possible to implement another solution so that the Rescan Folders function would have full functionality again?

Regards, Uwe

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