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Full screen view cropping the right most pixels


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Hello Juha,
during our current stay on a North Sea island, I temporarily installed client 7.6 build 2837 on the laptop in order to tag the photos right away. I also created several panoramas with AutopanoGiga or Affinity Photo. I could not find the problem you described. When we are back home, I will import the photos into the server catalogue and then use the current client 8.0 build 3037. I will check whether the problem also occurs with me.
regards, Uwe

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Hi Uwe!

If you look closely the end of the bar(?) coming close to the rail, you can see that in the 100% view the end corner of the bar is visible, but in the fit view it is not. In your image the difference is not so obvious as in mine where the ships are cropped.

image.png.304750a29d4e4ca0cdfe8bd2287b5615.png image.png.74209d7f0bde9de5629d1842716d878f.png

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Juha sent his pano to me to check it in my system with the build 3037. I can confirm this bug. The photo is cropped a little bit on the right side and the cropping depends on the percentage value (with (16,3%) or without (20,5%) the properties panel on the right side)

Regards, Uwe

  Daminion_16.3_percent.jpg  Daminion_20.5_percent.jpg  Daminion_100_percent.jpg

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My guess is that the issue is the small active stripe at the right that opens the properties pane. When fitting the image into the screen, the full screen width is used, and then the rightmost pixels are left under the active stripe.

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