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No preview for canon cr2 files during "import" dialog


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Hello from Vienna!


When I want to add new pictures to a katalog I do net get any preview pictures of my canon cr2 pictures any more. In Windows explorer I canot see any preview Pictures or Thubnails as symbols for my raw pictures.

My Windows 10 has the latest updates! I even installed the latest codex "RawImageExtension_2.1.30391".


Probably You have the solution!


Thank You



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Hello, thank you for your reaction. I have the latest release of Server an Client - "Homeedition"

It is interrsting: when I put in the windows explorer my mouse on the symbol of the file, press the left mousebutton and move the mouse I can see the picture!

Thank you again

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Hi Daria

I use the latest release of the Server! I do not know, if it is a windows problem.

If I select the symbol of a picture with the left mouse button and move the mouse with held button I can see the picture.

I hane installed the latest version of windows an tried to insrall te latest RawImageExtension_2.1.30391.

The result is still poor!

Probably you have seen this behaviour before.

Thank you for trying to find a solution,


Carolus Stigler

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Hi Daria,

so it has taken a longer time to send you my answer, but I have tried a lot of things to get rid of this issue.


The Issue:

The Thumbnails appear when I open a folder wit raw pictures - but they disappear after a short time - no Preview (please see video)

When I select a picture in the Windows Explorer (does not matter - right or left mouse button) and drag it I can see the thumbnail (please see video)

If I move my mouse over a picture I get the exif Information of the picture. The same in the details in the Windows Explorer right side - but no Thumbnail or preview! So I think that Windows can read the raw pictures - but not display them as a normal preview or Thumbnail.

Import to daminion Client - no preview of the picture in the "selection Window" (please see picture)

I cannot say when this strange behaviour started! But I did not install a new Software since it worked fine. Just the usual updates. Nothing really new!


What I have tried already:

  • Install / Uninstall / ReInstall the Raw Extension
  • Uninstall / Reinstall Nvidia Driver
  • Cleaning Registry with CCleaner in between uninstall an reinstall
  • Cleaning of the Thumbnail Cache and other cache of the computer
  • Creating more Thumbnail Cache with the Key in the Registry
  • Options in Windows-Eplorer (see picture)

I included pictures showing the release of the involved software. As a Viewer I use "Faststone" - In Faststone I can see all the raw file normally.


Probably You know or have an idea how to solve this issue ! Thank you for your help






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Hi Lupus, 


Thank you for the video! I thought the issue was with the thumbnails in Daminion. In the import dialog windows, Daminion gets the thumbs from windows explorer, and after the import - from the files. 


Not sure what the issue with Windows explorer can be - have you tried the following approach: 


Click Control Panel > Type Folder in Control Panel Search box > Click File Explorer Options > View tab > Uncheck Always show icons, never thumbnails (If this is already unchecked, check it and OK..Then go back again and uncheck it and OK?


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Hi Daria and all of you!


I solved the problem! Probably someone else can use this information in the future!


I have found out, that my Windows Explorer has the same behaviour with or without the Microsoft Raw Image Extension. Seeing Thumbnails for a few seconds, then disappearing. So I deinstalled it!


Then I searched my registry for .cr2 and I found out, that an old Microsoft Camera Codec Pack was still on my computer - finding keys showing this in the registry.

I searched the Internet how to get rid of this "old" Microsoft Camera Codec Pack.

During my search I found the following page:


Here I downloaded the Windows driver and after installation it worked! I installed this package with Raw Image Extension still uninstalled!

It's funny but I have tried to install this canon codec Pack 1.11 before, but I always got the message, that it is not working with this Release of Windows. So I think, it is not the release of Windows but the Raw Image Extension.


I have not tried to get this codex from somewhere else, but I think you can download it from other locations, too!


I still do not know where this problem came from originally!


So I am happy again!!!

Thank You to all of You



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