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2988 - Question - Required Metadata Settings


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I have a question regarding the function when the "required metadata settings" are set as follows:



The following workflow:
0. user role = admin, upload folder is empty, number = 0
1. photo from smartphone is copied via WLAN to the import folder
2. Daminion automatically moves the photo on the disk to the upload folder (as set in the settings)
3. the photo is not visible in the upload folder in Daminion and the count of photos in the upload folder is still = 0.
4. i.e. it does not exist for the user. But if I now start a "Rescan Folders" of the upload folder, the photo appears as a thumbnail but is not counted in the upload folder, i.e. number = 0.
5. now I can assign a keyword and the number = 1 appears.
6. regardless of the fact that I now delete the keyword again, the photo remains visible and also the count remains = 1.
Question: is this intended? How can a user know that new photos have been uploaded if no info about it is available? Or have I just misunderstood the function?

regards, Uwe

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Hi Uwe, 


The required metadata is fully developed in the web client now, and you can see an hourglass with the number of files requiring tags and what tags have to be assigned. In the desktop client, you can expand the Saved searches and check Need to Assign tags. However, because the required metadata is still under development for the desktop client, you need to know what tags are to be filled in. If you are unsure, please use the web client to fill in the required metadata.

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