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2988 - German translation


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please adjust the German translation. As I understand it, the placeholders in the German translation are reversed. However, the term "tag" should not be used in the English text either, but "filter". Please extend the "Reset Filter" button so that there is enough space for the German text.

regards, Uwe




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I suggest: "In insgesamt 61 Elementen mit dem ausgewählten Filter "2023_01_01" wurden keine unbenannten Gesichter gefunden."
As far as I can remember from the translations I had done, in the original English texts there are corresponding placeholders for the variable contents. In this case, the name of the filter, i.e. the marked folder (2023_01_01) and the number of elements in it (61). In the German translation, the placeholders are simply mixed up.

Regards, Uwe


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