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HOW TO? move photos by matched face or other similarities


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Fellow Daminion Users,

due to 2 family members passing, I'm stuck with approximately 4000 Photos, Negatives and positives to scan and sort into folders.


Now, approximately half of the photos have dates by year. My plan now is to scan them by year and then have Daminion scan them into the catalog. However, the other half is not assigned any date so far, and it will be hard to go through each photo and then go through the folders to match people by year.


Hence, Daminion can scan for faces and find other similarities, is it somehow possible, to show similar photos and when seeing the face of the person looks pretty much the same, to have Daminion move the similar photos in the year folder?










So let's say I found a wedding photo from 1918 in "TO MATCH AND MOVE" so both wedding photos are in 1918, then I can look at all and delete duplicates or keep em.



Any idea if that is somehow possible?



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Hi Rene, 


At this point the describe work scenario is not possible with Daminion Face Recognition. 


What I personally do with the photos with messed-up dates (scans or photos from whatsapp) is the following: 

- drop them into one single temp folder

- scan the folder into Daminion

- select photos one by one or in batches and change the Creation Date time to have a correct one. Save it. 

- use Creation date time to move photos to the destination folder and create sub-folders based on the creation datetime. 



If the temp folder will be created in the same drive as the main photo archive, you can simply drag the pictures into the correct folders once the dates are added. 

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