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2492 - duplicate folders and "lost items"


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after some time of working: select files in e.g. folder01, develop them by external programs, save as TIFF in e.g. folder02 I get duplicate entries of the folder02. Please check the screenshot. I've sent the database dump to Daria and hope to get help to repair the database asap.

regards, Uwe


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a short explanation of my workflow and a note: the problem concerns only the database. All files are present on the disk. The problem seems to affect only version 7.0, because before I never had this error.
1. e.g. RAW file "20210912_120000.CR2" in folder "01_Photos\2021\...\2021_09_12"
2. command "V" opens Affinity Photo and the photo is edited, cropped and saved in folder "07_PhotoBook\2021_09_12" as "20210912_120000.tiff".
3. the photo book subfolder "2021" is marked as "Auto-Rescan ON" so all edited photo book files are imported automatically.
4. everything was ok until I saw the error with the double folder entry and the "disappeared items". Of the total 359 photobook files of the year 2021, only 13 files are still in the catalog. The oldest import entry of these 13 files is 9/15/2021 16:37:32. All imported photo book files of the year 2021 before that are not in the catalog. All other years of the photobook before 2021 are not affected.
5. evaluations of the database brought the following info: except for the 13 files, all other photobook photos of the year 2021 are marked as "deleted = true" in the table "mediaitems" and are no longer present in the table "folder_file".
I had the same problem a month ago and imported a backup of my catalog from the night before and re-imported the files of the photo book 2021 via "Rescan Folders".
But this should not be the solution.

Regards, Uwe

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