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Daminion 7 Import using Created Date instead of Date Taken


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Hi experts,

I'm using Daminion standalone and upgrade to Daminion 7.

When I add files, Created date is used instead of Date taken. As a result, pictures are not correctly sorted.

Is it a bug? I verified older import using previous Daminion version and didn't have the issue.

Thx for your help


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Hi Guys,

i bought the standalone version 7.0.0 (2449) this week and also got this issue. After some tries and study this forum i believe i get the solution.

Please run the daminion as an administrator by click right mouse and "run as an administrator" ... after this my pictures were sorted correctly. -> taken date instead creation time. Additional all file-attributs were changed to the correct taken date.

I guess it is a bug with the rights (or a Microsoft-Feature) to reading the file-attributs. Because of, i got another issue by reading the cameratype to create the filename of the photos.

I think daminion try to read the attribut (taken date) and cant this, because of the missing rights in the user session. Therefore daminion falls back to read the creation date.


I hope this helps ...



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