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(2380) - Display of country / place / ...


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There is an effect / bug with the display of the location.
If up to 20 items are highlighted, the location (which is the same for all) is displayed. If more than 20 elements are marked, then no more.
This is uncomfortable because you cannot use Ctrl + A to check whether the location is entered for all elements.

Daminion Server - 2380




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6 hours ago, Erwin said:

If more than 20 elements are marked, then no more.

Erwin, this a general restriction for all tags. They did this for performance reasons.  But there is an easy workaround: If you click at any of the other tags on the link "Click her to display union ..." all tags will be shown, including the place, but only if all parts of the place (Country, Region, City, Location) are identical. It is the little confusing, because the Place tag doesn't show this option, but any other will do.

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If you did select multiple images with different tags, you will find two other nice features for most tags (but not for the Place 😞  ) :

  • If tag is set for all selected items, it shows in black,
  • if tag is set only for some of the selected items, it si shown in Grey. In this case, the right mouse click gives you an additional option "Assign 'xxxx' to (y) selected items". I appreciate this capability very much. After you tagged one or more items, you can easily select more which need to be tagged with the same value:

Vice versa, regarding the place tag, if you selected many items, you can only tell at least one is wrong, it is not so straight forward, to find out which are wrong. In this case Advanced search with "does not match" does the job.


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Hello Wilfried,
my question was more like:
wanted or a mistake?
I know some of the functions you have presented.
But where can I find the link "Click her to display union ..."?
This does not work in the "Properties Panel".

Thanks for the answers.

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12 minutes ago, Erwin said:

But where can I find the link "Click her to display union ..."?

In the Properties panel under some of the tags, if more than 20 items are selected. The link does NOT show up under the place tags, but clicking any of the others (for example Keywords, Categories, People, Authors ...) will fill all other tags, including place, provided all place tags are identical for all selected items.

In my example the link is not present for Color Label, Place, Comment, Copyrights, Title, Event and Project. After clicking the link under Keywords, the Color Label, Place and Copyrights tags were shown, since they were identical, Comment is not visible, because the items had different contents.

If there is only one mismatch in Place (either Country, State, City or Location), none of the four tags will be shown.

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1 minute ago, Erwin said:

to show "different" if they are not all the same.

Agree! By leaving all four parts of the place tag empty, doesn't indicate, whether they are really all empty or just one has a different location and all others match, for example.

I also wish, in case Country, State and City match Daminion would to show their contents and show "Different" for the Location.

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