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Strange .NET Security Policy Error (2344)


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I have receved few times an .NET error complaining about performing operation not allowed by the security policy. I cannot understand what policy I'm breaking, because all my items reside in my NAS with equal permissions. I viewed my images full screen, when I got the error, and the previous image before the error was in the same folder with same permissions.

I have viewed a series of items full screen, added some of them to tray, browsed the thumbnails, viewed again some in full screen etc. At some point I get the error, when I'm in full screen mode. I haven't been able to find any pattern on this. It cannot be just the number of full screen items, because I just viewed over 300 items without any issues. And I don't think I viewed that many before the previous error. I tried also look at the Windows security log, there were many Audit Failures related to Filtering Platform Connection or Filtering Platform Packet Drop, but there were too many of those that those errors would be relevant.

I will keep my eye on this and try to identify steps to reproduce the error.


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