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Clickable hyperlink tag

John B

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Thanks , Yes i found the custom tag creation as link. talk about not looking properly, I have created the new link tag for entry, But Is there a way to move all these txt http links datya from the txt format that thy all was into the new link tag i just created. Instead of copy paste copy paste copy paste etc. Much appreciate this help..


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At the start i created a tag that was formated as a text tag and not a link tag. there for the address to the web link as been inputed as a basic bit of text. therefore the only way to go to the address of the txt was to copy and paste the www address into a browser and push press enter in the browser to go the the web site. I have now created a new tag as a link format therefore the click on the link doers as it suppose too i.e takes me to the web site just by clicking the link. but there is aprox 10K of records now that have a hyperlink tag thats just a text entry and dominion doesn't see it as a hyperlink but just as text, Is there any way i can transfer the text to the new "link" tag. With out going into each record and copy and pasting the text into the link tag. Thanks

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I hope to find a solution to copy the links in the existing tag "txt custom tag" to the destionation "URL custom tag" by the ExifTool. Until now I got error messages in the test I made and asked the ExifTool forum to help. As soon as I get an info I'll post it here.

Regards, Uwe

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here is a solution: first you have to define a configuration file that contains the tag names of your custom tags. As an example, you can take the attached file e.txt and replace the two tags with yours.
Then you can extend the "Open with" action with the following command line (see screenshot). You have to replace the path to the configuration file e.txt with the path in your system and replace the names of the tags with yours.
Then you mark all items in which the link should be copied from the previous txt tag into the URL tag. Attention! If there are many files, do this in several steps, as the ExifTool is called for each file.
When finished, call the action "read tags from File" for the files concerned. Now the links should be in the right custom tag.
Good luck, Uwe

Update:18.01.2021 - it is sufficient if only the destination tag is defined in the config file


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Edited by Uwe
config file destination tag
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