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  1. A request. For the new Layout. Anychance the font on the propertise window could be smaller.. Or is there a way to do that all ready. The font size used on the list table is perfect. Also it is much better in dark mode (I turned to the dark side. LOL)
  2. Hi Uwe i still am building the servers... But i haven't forgoten about your advice. Thanks
  3. John B


    Thanks for the reply Daria. Much appreciated
  4. John B


    I am rebuilding a few servers and just want to know if there is any issues or benefits from running Daminion Server on a ReFS disk. Or is is better just to stick with NTFS Thanks in advanced
  5. Hi Daria, Let me build the new system, It could be due to the setup, basically I have upgraded the software and added new nas systems and had to modify the DC machine. Bit Of a mess really errors from the DC left right and centre. So the reason I decided to upgrade and rebuild the entire system from scratch.. One its done and up and running, If its still is creating this error, by all means your welcome to connect. at the rate its going it could be a few months before it all up and running.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I will give it a try.. ASAP
  7. Sorry for the delay.. Yes it still does it. the process runs as normal but the error randomly comes up. Not Always.. I am going to build a new server (upgrade the OS) from scratch) very soon or as with the current situation of covid.. So i will see if that stops the error it could be down to the current install of the os etc just been not 100% correct.. I will keep you informed and should this error occur after i will raise another post.. At the moment its usable, Just an anoyance. Really..
  8. At the start i created a tag that was formated as a text tag and not a link tag. there for the address to the web link as been inputed as a basic bit of text. therefore the only way to go to the address of the txt was to copy and paste the www address into a browser and push press enter in the browser to go the the web site. I have now created a new tag as a link format therefore the click on the link doers as it suppose too i.e takes me to the web site just by clicking the link. but there is aprox 10K of records now that have a hyperlink tag thats just a text entry and dominion doesn't see it
  9. Hi Deanable if your having the same issue then it must be a bug. I can't see it as a config error on my part... Wonder if it happening to anybody else.
  10. Thanks , Yes i found the custom tag creation as link. talk about not looking properly, I have created the new link tag for entry, But Is there a way to move all these txt http links datya from the txt format that thy all was into the new link tag i just created. Instead of copy paste copy paste copy paste etc. Much appreciate this help..
  11. Running daminion server latest version.. Using a nas as the upload storage share. Sometime but not everytime. I upload a file or 2 into daminion, The process runs ok i get the one entry blank entry in the catalog of one of the files but one of the files gives me an warning message saying These files (1) are already in the catalog. If i removed the message then do a show all the blank entry of the two files will be there as if the error message never appeared So the process did run for both files but one returned the warning. I did once think ok so i removed the files out of the storage both th
  12. Can some one please tell me can i do a custome tag that a hyperlink can be put into the properties list window, so can be just clicked on and will initatate the browser and take you to the links web site of the link.. Thanks
  13. Hi Wilfred thanks for the feed back, I am using Damion Server.. therefore it uploads the files to the server... Version is 6.4 (2099) I am sure is something to do with the search settings.. But not sure. Its just annoying when i works one day and the next nothing..
  14. Please help. The show last import has stopped working also when i import files into the database.. It doesn't show the files listed so i have to click show all and find the entries for them via the import date.. sort.. All i get when i click show last import or import files is the following message "no items match your search criteria" Is there any way to get this to work again. Thanks.
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