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Metadata from XMP files are not recognized


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After a long time I can devote myself to my photos again and build up my database. But now I have a problem with the metadata.

When reading, Daminion does not recognize the metadata stored in the XMP file of the RAW files. So neither colors, labels nor locations are adopted. The metadata are created with Photop Mechanic and LR.

I took a look at the XMP file once. The entries are formatted as follows:


If I change the metadata in Daminion and write it back to the XMP file, the format looks like this:


Photomechanic and LR can read the changed metadata.

I'm using Daminion Server and Client 6.8.0

I'm at a loss right now. Can someone help me?




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I don't think it's the format of the XMP file.

As a test, I set the color label and rating of an image in Daminion (local DB) and had the tags written to the XMP.

I have attached the file that was created as an excerpt from the metadata display.

If I read this file again, the label and rating in Daminion will be deleted.

Daminion is not able to read in the self-generated XMP file and deletes existing settings.



Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-09 um 13.37.33.png

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