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Saved Search - Save Dialog


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It would be great if, when we save searches, we could have the option to save the search only for "this catalog only" or "server-wide."

Then we could create searches that apply to the whole server, e.g. "no country" search applied to any catalog on the entire server and another search that only applies only to a specific catalog, e.g. models without age and height in "studio shoots" catalog.


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I agree with Dean.

On more thing regarding saving searches:

There should be the possibility to Save, i.e. overwriting the existing saved search without having to key in the complete name again and a Save As, which offers the current name as default that can be changed. Currently, it always shows an empty input field and you need to key in the complete name, risking a typo and you end up have multiple saved searches with slightly similar names and lose track, which is the most recent one.

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Hi guys, we have discussed this feature with the guys, unfortunately, this is a complex implementation with lots of "what if's". E.g. what if a custom tag exists is in one catalog and is the part of the saved search, but it does not exist in the rest of the catalogs on the server?  If this request gets more votes, we will discuss it further, but right now, unfortunately, we cannot include it on our roadmap.


Kind regards


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