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6.7 [2232] Folder's height line in folder tree (Tag panel)


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Just updating from 6.4(2120) to 6.7(2232) and noticed that folder's height line in folder tree in Tag panel has been increased a bit and display now less folders in height screen.

In 6.4 2120, I could display in my screen height 40 folders lines.

In 6.7 2232, I can only display 31 folders line !!! which gives a narrower view of folder tree.

Is there somewhere in settings to retrieve same folder height line as in 6.4 2120 ?

By now, I revert and reinstall 6.4 2120.



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This doesn't really solve your problem, but maybe works around a little bit, Alain:
I basically gave up on navigating the tags tree hierarchy manually. Instead, I heavily use the <Filter Tags> to jump directly to a tag or even include/exclude from a search or assigning it to selected items. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for Place and Creation Datetime though  😞 

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Thanks Wilfried but I mainly use folder tree as a Windows Explorer.

Here is folder tree display comparison (red marker) from :

- Daminion 6.4 (compact display)

- Windows explorer : compact but usable

- Daminion 6.7 : A nice graphical display but a lot of height space is wasted


Dossiers Daminion.jpg

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