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2216 - GPX format not a unknown format


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well done: The GPX files are not assigned to "unknown format". The are displayed as GPX under the "Others".

One question: How is it possible to get all existing GPX files assigned to "Others->GPX" automatically?

At the moment I've tagged all my GPX files with the Keyword Tag "GPX" and would like to delete this tag now. The only way I see now is to export all GPX items into a CSV file, then remove the items from catalog and to reimport the files. The disadvantage is: the items get new "itemids" and all existing links of these items are gone.

Regards, Uwe

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Update: question:

items already assigned to the Media Format GPX are assigned to the the mediaformatui in the database:


the other still "unknown" GPX items are assigned to:


I would like to update the table and substitute the "old" entry by the "new" one. Is this ok?

Regards, Uwe


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Hello Kate,

thanks for the answer. Can you please give a short information what kind of problems can happen? I chanded one record manually by pgAdmin and everything was ok. No problems.
There are 779 GPX files to change in my database and export and import is not a solution for me because of this amount of items and the described problems above.
From my point of view: the only difference in the table "mediaitems" between the records are the columns "mediaformatui" (the unique identifier) and "id_mediaformat" (the link to the table "mediaformat_table" which is the pointer to the unique identifier).

Regards, Uwe

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 I did it. I made the update with pgAdmin. No risk - no fun 😉 The values are valid in my DB and can be other in other DBs

UPDATE mediaitems
    SET mediaformatui = '4ee1f8a8-023e-4126-b112-8f6f391f6966', id_mediaformat = 64
   WHERE name LIKE '%gpx'
   AND mediaformatui = '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
   AND deleted = false
   AND id_mediaformat = 38

I hope I do not have a typo in here now. I wrote it down from memory here.

regards, Uwe

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