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[2216 - solved] 2211 - Tray


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user A has added an item to the tray in the web client (click the heart icon).Then the item could not be removed from the tray - I don't know why. However, the item is not displayed as still in the tray and not shown in the thumbnail window for user A and can therefore no longer be edited. The admin can see the item but not as being in the tray. This is the entry in the database of the table tray_file. Can I simply delete the entry in the table to be able to work with the item again?

Regards, Uwe



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Thank you for reporting.
Could you please give us more information. We'd like to know:

  1. Is it the new item in the catalog (new upload with some waiting room settings)?
  2. What role (permissions) is user A have?
  3. What options were activated in the waiting room before adding to the tray?
  4. Did you change any AC links or security folder for this user after adding this file to the tray?

We'd appreciate it if you could send us any additional materials: video, screenshots, logs.

Regards, Kate

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the user is member of AC group A. If the options in the Waiting Room are marked: the AC group A is removed from the item when this item is assigned to the Tray. The item disappears as long as the options in the Waiting Room are market. And one has to assign the AC group A again to the item. Now the item is displayed and one can remove it from the Tray.

regards, Uwe 

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