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Ask for help - Batch rename parameter %ms


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I'm using the rename function "%date_%time-%ms.%ext" since a long time. Photos taken at the same second get the miliseconds to have a unique file name. No problems until yesterday evening. I had a crash/exception when I was removing some useless tags from the files in the Properties Panel (already sent to Daminion (Daria) by Skype). Then I wanted to rename some files taken in the same second but the "%ms" parameter didn't work anymore. I get the value "000" and not the value of the tag "Sub Sec Time Original" existing in the metadata of the file. This problem exists with RAW format (CR2 and DNG) but not with JPG taken by a smartphone.

Is there anybody who is using the parameter %ms and can check it please in his/her system?

My build was 2044 and got yesterday (after the exception happened and the problem appeared) from Daria build 2056 to test something. Also the install of 2056 didn't solve the problem.

Regards, uwe

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I'm a little bit confused. The following happens:

  1. a CR2 file is imported by Rescan folders
  2. rename this file by %date_%time-%ms.%ext: it works and the ms are in the file name 20200126_104717-010.CR2
  3. change the Creation DateTime in the Properties Panel
  4. rename again this file by %date_%time-%ms.%ext: it doesn't works and the ms are not in the file name 20200126_104717-000.CR2

One can reproduce it by removing the file from catalog and import it again. The rename for this file works only one time and never again until remove and new import.

You'll get a recorded video by Skype.

Regards, Uwe

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