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Not equals in Advanced search panel [2014]

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I'd like to exclude all items with keyword 'Voiture'

As keyword list is pretty long, I expected easier to do this in advanced panel but didn't find 'Does not contains' or 'Not equals' in condition list.


Ok, I did this in long keyword list and with 'Alt' key exclude 'Voiture'



Now, if I come back to advanced search panel, I got 'Not equals' selected but not listed in conditions list !!!



Would be nice to add 'not equals' in conditions list.


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I agree! This is also somewhat inconsistent, since it does work for some tags (place, event, description ...) and does not for others.

Note, there is also a difference between "Does not match" and "Does not contain". The latter is possible for even fewer tags.

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Hi guys, this feature request has been registered - i will inform when it is added into the roadmap. Now the condition "does not contain" work for all long text fields - including custom tags - from the Advanced search and for all indexed fields from within the Tags panel (you nee to exclude 1 or more tags there prior to opening the advanced search)


kind regards


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