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Two (small) problems I noticed…


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… which will concern about 0.001 % of users.


1. Daminion was unable to create a thumbnail for a really big image (25000x25000 pixels!). Here's the link to that Hubble Deep Field if somebody wants to test it:


Seems excessive, but when you stitch images to make panoramas the result can get that huge.


2. Photoshop duotone images are rendered as plain black and white thumbnails. I'm of course aware that the PS file format is badly documented (see e.g. the amusing rant about that here:


about one third into the code) and that most non-PS software does just that.

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Thanks Uwe.

Converting to JPEG isn't really a solution as it's only 8 bits deep and lossy (I only use it to send pictures over the Internet). TIFF is great for intermediate files (uncompressed) but has various mostly modest compression schemes so not the best for archiving.


The Hubble picture is kinda extreme, I'll make some test files to scout out Daminion's limits. (Including JP2 format.)

On the other hand, no problems with my video clips or RAW images.




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9 hours ago, Nick said:

Converting to JPEG isn't really a solution

Unless Daminion provides another solution, there is a workaround:

You can create your own thumbnail. Assuming the name of you image is xxxxx.eee you can create a JPG with the name xxxx.eee.thumb.jpg . After that, you perform an Image -> Update Thumbnail (or simply Ctrl+B) and Daminion uses the thumbnail. This was documented somewhere, but I need to search for a link. To provide a (fixed) Thumbnail for all my gpx files, I wrote a little Python script, which I can share, if you want, but it certainly needs to be modified.

However, the workaround is meant for user defined media types and since you say, it only happens for very big TIFF files (i.e. not a user defined type), I am not sure, if it works for you, but you can try it for a single file.

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On 11/22/2019 at 3:03 AM, Nick said:

I'll make some test files to scout out Daminion's limits. (Including JP2 format.)

Tests done (creating catalog with preceding version).

I made a series of pictures in TIFF, PNG and PSD formats, in sizes ranging from 1000x1000 to 16,000x16,000 in steps of roughly sqrt(2) so the pixel count doubles.

  • TIFF: no problem;
  • PNG: limit of 8000x8000, no thumbnail generated after that;
  • PSD: I got errors with the bigger files, then Daminion froze (and I had to kill it with the task manager), but restarting and trying multiple times with only one file at a time I finally got all the thumbnails, phew!

Here's the error message:


My (admittedly uneducated) guess is that Daminion, being a 32-bit application, hits memory limits when decompressing and simultaneously generating thumbnails from PNG or PSD. Perhaps it uses ImageMagick for that, while the TIFF files get processed with libvips?


As for JP2 (JPEG2000), it's not a format recognized by Daminion, so no tests but I could use Wilfried's hack.

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