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How to search XMP modify dates


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We preserve the original Exif modfication dates by checking that option in our server preferences.

We would like to find a way to do a monthly search to get the number of records that have been modified by staff. It looks like the exif tool might be able to do this, but there doesn't seem to be any documentation for using it to search specifically for XMP data.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for using it to query XMP modify date without also looking at EXIF modified date?


Bobb Menk


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On 7/5/2019 at 8:57 PM, bmenk said:

We preserve the original Exif modfication dates by checking that option in our server preferences.

Bobb, you mean you checked "Preserve file modified date when updating metadata"? Not sure this refers to the EXIF modification date, I always believed this is  the Change Date maintained by Windows, but I might be wrong.



Anyway, watching at all tags I get from ExifTool, I found these results:

'EXIF:ModifyDate': '2019:07:07 22:25:48' 
'XMP:MetadataDate': '2019:07:07 22:25:48+02:00'  
'XMP:ModifyDate': '2019:07:07 22:25:48+02:00'

I wonder, whether you see different dates and time stamps in your case caused by the above setting.

I addition, if you are SQL savvy, the files table contains the columns modifiedtime, propertieschangedate and the mediaitems table has lastchange. All these fields can have different time stamps (according to my experience and if I remember correctly).

Hope this helps

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Wilfried is right. The "Preserve file modified..." of the Preferences belongs to the Windows File system management and not to any "internal" metadata of the file. It is changed if anything of the file was modified. That also means that if you change matadata (e.g. keyword) save the changes and remove them again, the date corresponds to your last action: the remove.

The "internal" dates of the metadata (EXIF/XMP) are adjusted by the Adobe XMP toolkit that is used by Daminion to manage the metadata.

If you are working with RAW files and its sidecar files the RAW file is not changed (depends on you settings in the Preferences - see screenshot in Wilfrieds post) but the XMP sidecar. That mean that the RAW file keeps its modify date and the XMP sidecar file gets a new one - the date of the last modification.

Regards, Uwe

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