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  1. Thanks for the response Uwe. Sadly, There is no EditWithSettings section in the old settings.xml file. You can see the sections available in the screen snap below. Certainly SearchPatternLogSettings and LayoutSettings have quite a bit of data in them that look like they hold quite a few customizations. The ActionSetSettings has a lot of data in it as well in the nested SerializedActionSets section. Those seem to be the sections with the most data. Any advice on which of these contain the most important kinds of settings? Thanks. Bobb Menk
  2. I can see the settings.xml file at that location. I tried copying it from an install using the 4.x client into one using the 6.x client to see if that would bring them across, but it doesn't appear to have done so. Any other ideas on this? Perhaps I need to transfer other files in addition to the settings.xml file? Thanks Bobb
  3. When I point an existing 4.x client at the new Netcatalog at a 6.x server, it forces a client upgrade as expected. However once the client is upgraded all of the customizations that were in the 4.x client are gone. I don't see anything in the old 4.x server backups that allows for backing up client customizations - perhaps that was not available back in 4.x? Would those have been stored someplace like c:\user\myname\daminion on the individual user's machines? If so could they be backed up from that location and restored once the new client is in place? Thanks Bobb Menk MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library
  4. Thanks Uwe! I was able to adapt what you sent me and get a backup working. I laid out the errors I found in the documentation and the zip file download in detail in hopes that someone at Daminion would be able to correct them so the confusion doesn't spread to others. Hope they do that. Bobb Menk
  5. I'm trying to finish off a server migration and can't get the backup batch files to run on the new host. I downloaded the "How to backup" zip file and have some questions. I edited "Backup Daminion Settings.bat" and backup_thumbnails.bat to reflect the path to my backup directory (C:\Users\Public\DaminionBackups\%DATETIME%), etc. I set the username, pw and port to reflect my install in the postgresql_config.bat. However the online instructions at https://daminion.net/tutorials/how-to-backup-daminion-server say to edit the postgres connection info in something called backup_config.bat which is not included in the zip package. Is that different than the postgresql_config.bat? Looking at "Backup Daminion catalog.bat" I can see that it calls postgresql_config.bat on line 12 - I don't see any references in the "backup daminion catalog.bat" to anything called backup_config.bat. The instructions included in the zip file at "Daminion Server Backup-Restore User Guide.txt" aren't the same as the ones online. In that text file it says to edit postgresql_config.bat and then run a file called "dump_postgresql.bat" - which is not included in the zip file either. When I run "backup daminion catalog.bat" it just errors out and says it can't find postgresql_config.bat and dies. postrgresql_config.bat is in the same directory as "backup daminion catalog.bat" (C:\Users\svc-daminion-service\Documents\Daminion_batches) So which process should I be using - the one online or the one included in the zip file instructions? If I'm supposed to follow the online ones I'll need a copy of backup_config.bat. If I'm supposed to follow the one in the zip file I'll need the "dump_postrgesql.bat" file. Thanks for your help. Bobb Menk MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library
  6. We're getting ready to move our Daminion server to a new host and upgrade from 4.1.0 build 1269 to the current 6.x release. To plan that move I'm trying to understand the preferred process. I was thinking of following the process outlined in the "migrate Daminion Server to a new computer", which seems pretty straight forward for getting a copy on the new host. But I have some additional questions about then doing the actual upgrade. If I run the installer for 6.x on top of an existing 4.1 that should take care of the Daminion app itself - but does it take care of the PostrgesSQL upgrade as well? Or does that have to be done separately? Any know troubles going from 4.1.0 to 6.x that folks have encountered? Thanks in advance. Bobb Menk MIT Lincoln Laboratory Library
  7. Thanks Murat! We don't plan to kill off the old network drive, but continue running the two together within the existing catalog. Sounds like we might be best off in that case just mounting the new network drive as a folder within the existing one, rather than changing the properties of the existing catalog to point to a new path. Bobb
  8. How would we add the 2nd network drive to the configuration of the server? I just looked at preferences, catalogs, etc. and couldn't see where that location gets defined.
  9. We would be keeping the existing drive and adding the new one in parallel.
  10. We're running Server on a Windows Server 2008 instance. The images are stored on a network share that is mapped as a drive on the server. We need more space and want to know the best way to connect the additional space to the server. We could mount the new space as a folder within the existing network share so that it would all appear to Daminion as one seamless space. We're also wondering if it's possible to just map the new space to a different drive letter and have the Server be able to see both at once. Is that possible? And what effect might that have on our shared catalogs? Would that just be 2 separate catalogs? Or something else? Thanks. Bobb Menk
  11. It was just a slow read through the database evidently. It finally came up and all seems well. Excellent cardiovascular workout there ;) Bobb
  12. I'm running the upgrade/install for server and all seems well - expect: it's been showing "Start Pending" for about 10 minutes. It is seeing the PostrgreSQL server ok and seems connected there. I'm wondering if it's taking a long time to run through the PostgrSQL data - we have several 100K records in there. Or is it well and truly hung up and I should kill it and try again? Thanks Bobb Menk bmenk@ll.mit.edu
  13. If we turn on the accelerated preview option on our server side, do our existing images have to be re-imported to build those thumbnails? Or is there another way to get them created? Also is there a good rule of thumb for estimating how much disk space they will take up on the server's local hard drive? (If that's where they get stored). We have hundreds of thousands of images on a networked storage device and would like to be able to estimate how much space that means on the server's hard disk. Thanks. Bobb Menk
  14. We're running our server on a VM which is attached to a large networked storage device and we're seeing occasionally odd behavior that may be permissions related. The server attaches to the storage using a service account. It has Read & Execute, List, & Read permissions. The group of admin Daminion users who map to this same network storage device also have the Modify right. Does the account that connects the server to the storage also need Modify permissions for all that data? Thanks. Bobb Menk
  15. bmenk

    "._00_" files

    We're testing 4.1.x right now and it appears to fix this issue for new records. Is there a good way to write the metadata to those older records that had this problem as well? It appears like the metadata is in the database, just never got written to those files. Thanks Bobb Menk
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