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[1934] Writing metadata into EXIF/IPTC/XMP


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In preferences, I have these settings :



When I assign several keywords at Jpeg, I can also see them in explorer window when keywords are selected for display. (Ok)
Several keywords are separated with a semiolon (;) (Ok)

With raw file (Nef) and same Daminion settings, I can see only one keyword in keyword explorer keyword column !!



Is that a win 8.1 bug with NEF file and assigned keyword or a Daminion bug ?

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ExifTool display this correctly. looks like win 8.1 has some trouble to read correctly keywords on Raw Nef file.

I didn't know about corrupted Raw Nef files but my old camera (D80) is not in camera list and I also do not use any Nikon software ( Nikon Transfer 1 or older versions of ViewNX 2) for transferring my files.
So probably win 8.1 do not read correctly keywords from Nef file in explorer.

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