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Daminion Web-Client Login


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I have Daminion 6.0.1836 installed on a Windows 10 machine along with the web-client. I would like to access the web client remotely but I don't want to leave the system open so that anyone who stumbles across the site can view files, etc.


As of now, when I connect, I am not prompted for a user name or password. I thought I could install Basic Authentication in IIS so that it would at least require a user name and password of a user on the computer. So far, I have not gotten this to work.


I have a two user home server license that may preclude me from doing any kind of authentication.


Has anyone else been able to figure this out?


Frank Hahn

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Hi Frank,


Database protection by user name and password is only available in Daminion team server version, sorry for the inconveniences!


Kind regards,



What I was thinking was that I could enable authentication in the web server and that would bypass any deficiencies in Daminion Home Server.


Here is a link that talks about the various authentication methods of IIS:




I just want to enable a user name and password request to the Daminion web client. Are you saying that none of the IIS authentication methods will work with the web client or that the home server web client does not include any authentication built in to it?




Frank Hahn

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