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Hi all,

I have more than 10 000 pictures in a database.

I'd like to go ie. to the 9000th pic but it displays only the first 1000.

On the right lower corner there is possibility to go to next (and next) page (next 1000 pic).

If I press the right arrow quickly it writes that now displays the 9th page (that is 8001-9000) but the actual pics in the browser are still the first 1000. I have to wait after every press to display the next page.


How can I go to the 9th page at once?




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I'd like to go ie. to the 9000th pic but it displays only the first 1000.

A command "Goto page" would be great, but as far as I know, it doesn't exist ...sad.gif

If you want to go towards the end of your selection, you can revers the sort the "Sort By" direction, i.e. click the arrow on the right of the Sort By field. Otherwise, I suggest to add an additional search criteria, to reduce the number of found items. Browsing 10,000 items is really not funny.


Although it does not really solve your problem, you can also change the size of the pages up to 5000:

In the menu select Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Files per page


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