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Discussion around adding Lat/Long/Altitude


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Looks like Daminion has some limited features/possibilities for adding/editing Lat/Long/Altitude.


The only way I have found to add Lat/Long to a picture is to drag and drop it into map but this do not add Altitude. (I understand that's not possible to add automatically altitude from only a map drop)




What would be nice is to have more possibilities about copy/paste Lat/Long/Alt like :

- Copy Lat/Long/Alt



and also possibility to paste it to a picture without any Lat/Long/Alt.

This require to display at least Lat field for any picture and then Paste command from list menu



Why not also to have Lat/Long/Alt as editable fields ?

This gives a bit more possibilities for pictures with already geolocalisation.


Anyway, this can be improved a lot around editing/adding Lat/Long/Alt

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I agree with all your points, but there is one more possibility to copy and paste longitude, latitude and/or altitude from one item to another, namely "Copy Tags":

  1. select the item containing the Geo tag you want to copy
  2. Select Menu Edit -> Copy Tags (or just press Alt+Shift+C)
  3. At the top of Copy Tags dialog, click the button None, to deselect all tags
  4. In the section "Image" select longitude, latitude and/or altitude:
  5. At the bottom of the dialog click the Copy Tags... button
  6. Select the image(s) to receive Geo Tags
  7. Select Menu Edit -> Paste Tags (or just press Alt+Shift+V)

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I also would like to see better editing capabilities for the GEO tags.


Another situation, where I couldn't find a solution is this:If multiple images have the same coordinates, they show on the map as a single icon. While you can drag and drop the icon to change the location for simultaneously, I was not able to change the position for each individual image. Fir this reason (and also to populate the Place tag based on the coordinates) I still you use GeoSetter to maintain the GEO tags.


The map in Daminion is only useful for me to show the position of one or more images or show all images in a certain area (i.e. clicking the link Show files that you see on the map now). The latter is a real great tool, but it should be a little button instead of a link, because it disappears, if the map window is to narrow.

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