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Can't access my Synology NAS with Daminion Server service account


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I'm a long time Daminion Standalone user. I run Daminion on my Windows 10 PC and all of my media is stored on a Synology NAS.


Today I decided to upgrade to Daminion Team Server and am in the process of configuring everything. I can't get the Daminion services to connect to my Synology. When I configure my new shared catalog uploaded files and auto import folder to point at my Synology, I get an Error Starting Daminion Service stating that my account doesn't have access rights.


Here's what I've done:


- Created a local Administrator account on my Windows box (Daminion) and set it as the Log On account for the Daminion services

- Created an account on my Synology with the same username and password as the Windows account, and gave it read/write permissions to the file share I need Daminion to access


I've verified the account is working by:


- Logged on locally to my Windows box using the new Daminion account. Navigated to \\Synology\Share and it accessed it without prompting for credentials, telling me that pass through authentication is working as expected.

- Launched a private browsing session and navigated to the Synology FileStation app, and logged in using the Daminion service account. I was able to see the one share on the Synology that I gave the Daminion account access to

- Rebooted my Windows box


Anyone know what I could be missing? It seems like I've got all the bases covered and the Daminion services should be able to access the Synology.



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OK I'm really at a loss here. This is the error I'm getting when I try to point the catalog's uploaded files directory at a share on my Synology:


"You need to grant full access permissions for 'WORKSTATION\Daminion' user to '\\Synology\Share\Daminion Uploads' folder"


The user account WORKSTATION\Daminion exists on both my workstation and the Synology with the same password, and I've given it full admin rights on both systems. I've tested that I can use that account to fully browse the Synology file system, so I know it has access to the \\Synology\Share\Daminion Uploads share.


I can't think of what else to do here. Any thoughts?

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There are no less than FIVE places which have to have the same credentials


1. Local PC Daminion Account2. NAS drive Daminion User Account3. Daminion File Watching Service4. Daminion Server Service5. when installing Daminion Server and selecting "this account"

I had to get Support on a TeamViewer session to get it working. And now, I'm petrified of it stopping working, Because I'll probably not fix it on my own!

Just out of interest is it just you running multiple PCs? Or do you really have a team?

The reason I ask is that I am literally right in the middle of an experiment to see how well Daminion will behave if I put both the photo library and the Daminion catalog on a Synology Drive folder. If it works, it might actually give you most of what the server version gives.


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