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New error at 5.8 1765


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when entering "Location" no proposal from the tag [Location] is offered.

With other tags there are still suggestions.

In version 5.0 1582 everything was ok.




I have been discussing this topic with Daminion and got the information that a bug was there and that it would be corrected later. It was a couple of days ago and therefore I thought that it was corrected before the release of 5.8. We have to wait. Venlig hilsen Jens.

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There's another issue (though I'm not sure if it was there before): Daminion no longer remembers the browser's sort order across sessions (always reverts to unsorted).

Marco, this was "solved". See here https://daminion.net/user-forum/index.php?/topic/3408-build-1623-sort-by-changes-to-none-after-restarting-daminion/page__view__findpost__p__14239

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Oh, thanks, didn't catch that! :-)

You're very welcome thank_you2.gif. Hope, it works for you now.


Not so easy to find that post, since it appeared at the end of a quite long discussion.


P.S. Remember to replace USER_NAME in step 2 by the name of your Windows user profile - in same cases just "user". I tend to copy and paste the path and then wonder, why it doesn't find it blush.gif

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