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Discussion: Save and restore link and group relations


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in the current catalog there are a lot of relations between the items: groups and links.

These relations are exsiting in special tables of the database but not in the metadata of the files "connected" by groups and/or links and not in the exported CSV file.

If I have to rebuild a new catalog I lose all these relations between the items.


  1. Is there anybody to be faced with this issue?
  2. Why did you rebuild the catalog or why do you want to rebuild the catalog?
  3. Can I change everything I have to do with the existing catalog and there is no need to rebuild a new one?

Do we need a function described below?

If one has to rebuild the catalog:


  • One needs an export function to save these relations existing in the old catalog.
  • Then there has to be an import function to restore the relations in the new catalog.


There are a lot of questions to be answered:

  • What is the common identifier between items of the old and new catalog - the file name?
  • What happens if the folder structure was changed?
  • ... etc


Regards, Uwe

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HI Uwe,


I have once recreated my catalog, but that was before Daminion supported links or groups. My database had become corrupted and I decided that the easiest way to fix it is to recreate it.


I have been thinking the same, when I created my programs to verify the Daminion catalogs. I had been thinking the export/import as an additional backup, if the database becomes totally corrupted and I don't know which database backup I could trust. The tag information is (should be) in the items themselves and then in the export file there would be the links and groups.


The self evident step missing from your list is recreating the new catalog and importing the items into the catalog. :wink: Before rebuilding the catalog one has to ensure, that all the tags are written into the files. Due to an (old) bug or an interruption, it is possible that the Daminion database and the metadata in the items is not in sync.


I think the only common unique identifier is the full pathname of the items. Item IDs are unique to each catalog so those cannot be used. If the folder structure is changed between export and import, in theory, one could manually edit the export file to match the changes, but that is cumbersome and very error prone. The only edit I would do myself would be changing the drive letter using the "Replace All" function of the editor. Further changes in the folder structure I would do in Daminion either before the export or after the import.


These export/import programs would be quite straightforward to create. Such import function, if not supplied by Daminion, would be on one's own risk. Tweaking the any program's database outside the program itself is always risky. Also if the import fails, one has to start from rebuilding the catalog. The database is probably corrupted at that point so the only safe thing is to start again.


My two cents


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