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Images without folder linked


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I'm having a strange problem with my Daminion 5.0.0. (build 1582) on win 10 64-bit. I only use it for images (all jpg) and sometimes some of them "loose" the link to the folder they are in.

As you can see on the screenshot it shows 4048 out of 4092 images. All of them are physically placed in the folder (and/or subfolders) that I selected on the left but somehow 44 of them are not "connected" to their folder anymore. I can still see them by choosing "show all images" and I could also reconnect them one by one back to the folder they belong but this is a lot of work and more importantly I can't figure out why they lost this connection in the first place. When it first happened I had the library moved to a new computer and so I just started a new database and all seemed fine and all files were found but now it happened again and I can't tell why. I checked the permissions in windows explorer and I have all possible rights for all the files. I can still open the images from the library in another programm (shortcut "v") so somehow it still knows where to find them. Any idea why that happens or a way to get them reconnected (other then one by one). I tried the "refresh" option (my daminion is german don't know what it is called in english but F6 would be the shortcut)

The attribute which normally lists the folder path is empty when I click on these images.



Greetings & thanks in advance, Luna

P.S.: I tried searching for my problem on the forum and didn't find anything but I also did not really know which words to search for so if there already is a topic on this please give me the link and we can delete my post

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Hi Uwe,

I use the standalone and no there is no question mark. these images are not "offline" daminion can find them and I can edit them and open them in other programs through daminion just the folder they belong to is somehow not part of the file preferences anymore.

I just tried something new, if I rightclick on them to open them in windows explorer it actually works so as i said before daminion somehow still knows where they belong.

If I have the detailed few of images the column for folder for these images is empty. If I click on the images to edit the preference the field for folder disappears completely. Both works fine for the 4048 other images in the database.

Greetings, Luna

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Hi Luna,


May I ask you to send me your catalog dmc file so that my colleague could check what's wrong with the references of these files?


please send it to daria/at\daminion/dot\net


Kind regards,


Did that and thank you

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