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Read Tags from File Camera Model


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I had few images where for some reason, when the images where imported, the Camera Model was not imported. When I did "Read tags from file" the camera model was read correctly, but in the Tags panel Canon 600D appeared at the root, not under Canon. When I removed the items from the catalog and did rescan the folder, then the camera model was entered correctly under Canon.



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Hello Juha,

do you have to "approve" this camera model tag located in the root and does it depend on the media format of the item?.

I have the same/similar issue concerning the TIF format created by a Scanner.

When the scans are imported by Daminion, there isn't a Vendor and Camera Model tag - not created by the scan software. Then I write these tags by the ExifTool using the "open with" function of Daminion and call the "read tags from file" action. Now I get the unapproved Camera tag.

At first I have to approve the camera tag even if the related flag in the Preferences is not selected. There is an existing error message already sent to Daminion some time ago.

Then I have to continue as you described already.

Regards, Uwe

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