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1582 -1623 - PDF, DNG - DateTime Original - Read Tags from file


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the action "Read Tags from file" doesn't read the existing XMP-exif:DateTimeOriginal but XMP-xmp:CreateDate of a PDF file. This tag should never be read because it's not in the Daminion mapping list below:











Regards, Uwe

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it seems to be a little bit more complex regarding the DNG files taken by a Leica V-Lux 3. The files were converted by the Adobe DNG converter from the original RAW file some years ago.

The current status is: there are duplicate Exif tags in the DNG file.


In the post above I supposed the Exif:CreateDate was used to read the tags (in the Import action) but this is wrong.

1. Daminion reads the tag Exif:DateTimeOriginal BUT the tag of the second part in the Import process. In this case: "2014:07:29 17:59:19"

2. The Daminion action "Show all metadata" doesn't show both parts and I get wrong/different information about the "DateTime Original" tag.

Daminion_1606_duplicate_Exif_tags 01.jpg

3. The action "Batch Rename preset:%date_%time.%ext" renames the file to "20140729_175919.dng".

4. Changing now DateTime Creation in the Properties Panel to "2014:07:29 17:59:17" overwrites "Exif:DateTimeOriginal" of the first part with the same data. Using the ExifTool command line to change the DateTimeOriginal the first part is changed.

5. And now: the same action "Batch Rename preset:%date_%time.%ext" renames the file to "20140729_175917.dng".

That means: the rename function doesn't use the "Exif:DateTimeOriginal" metadata of the file but the metadata of the item in the catalog. And they were changed in step 4 from "2014:07:29 17:59:19" to "2014:07:29 17:59:17".

The problems are: the handling of the duplicate tags in the Import process and the "Read Tags from file" action which use the second part of the duplicated Exif metadata.

Regards, Uwe

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I have a temporary workaround for single files using the Exiftool GUI but not to handle 100+ files.

1. Export the original DNG file to a new folder and select it in the ExifToolGUI

2. ExifToolGUI->menu->Export/Import->Extract preview image from selected-> DNG file

3. ExifToolGUI->menu->Export/Import->Copy metadata into JPG or TIF files...

4. ExifToolGUI->menu->Modify->remove metadata...

5. ExifToolGUI->menu->Export/Import->Copy metadata from single file...

6. Copy back the DNG file to the original folder, then: Daminion "Read tags from file"

Now, there isn't a duplicated section in the DNG file and Daminin can handle the DNG file as expected.

Regards, Uwe

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