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Strange: Daminion kills smartphone battery


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Hi all,


I have a strange problem: when Daminion Server is running, my smartphone (which is in the same network as the computer where Daminion is installed) is constantly receiving something. The litte download arrow under the network icon is constantly there. This prevents the phone from going into deep sleep and the battery is empty after a few hours (normally after 2 days).


If I switch of the Daminion Server the download arrow disappears instantly and everything is fine!


As I use Daminion Server only on the computer where it is installed (I need the Server version only for its speed), I tried to set up the firewall to block Daminion but it didn't help. Or I didn't do it right.


Has anybody else experienced this behaviour and has a solutino for it?




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Hello Lorenz,

I never heard about that issue before. Let's see if other people are reporting this as well




I could finally solve it by blocking Daminion Server by the firewall.


Maybe there is a misconfiguration? The firewall is blocking every second 100+ connections!?

Remote address:

Aim port: 15253

Protocol: UDP



Does this say anything to anybody?


Thank you!!

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Lorenz, thanks for the post!

Daminion Server sends broadcast packets so Daminion Clients could automatically find it without the necessity to register Daminion Server manually.

You can disable this by editing daminion.config file:

I will register this issue (may be we will switch it off by default or change its behavior)

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Hello Lorenz. Right :) It seems a spammer's post (that was deleted them) raised up this post and I thought that this was a new one.

Anyway, we rewrote the code logic that is responsible for automatic recognition of installed Daminion Servers in the local network.

It works much faster now (in the internal build now). Instead of constantly pushing small UDP packets by Daminion Server now, a newly opened Daminion Client will send a single UDP packet once. It will be catched by Daminion Server and Daminion Client will be informed about this server.

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