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Default locations for temp files etc

Paul Barrett

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I use an SSD for my apps an HDD for local storage and a NAS for my data.


I see that there are some folders lurking on my SSD that have contents that I would prefer to be on my HDD:


C:\Users\paulb\AppData\Roaming\Daminion Software\Daminion\Temporary seems to contain old thumbnails


C:\Users\paulb\AppData\Roaming\Daminion Software\Daminion\1.0 seems to contain log files


a) I don't remember being given any option to choose another location for these files when I installed Daminion - did I miss something?


b) Is it possible to relocate them? I don't want the limited space on my SSD to be used for this stuff which will grow over time.


- Paul



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....that have contents that I would prefer to be on my HDD ...


Short question, Paul: Why?


Not so long ago that I migrated to a PC with the OS on an SSD. Having read many (old?) comments on the Internet stating you should minimize the number of write operations to the SSD, I was also very conscious about that. However, meanwhile I changed my mind and I believe all frequently used data should be there. While all images need to reside on HDD, I have the Daminion catalog and all temporary data on SSD.


The only important thing is a good recovery procedure in case the SSD needs to replaced.


However, I agree with you there should be an option to decide for the location of temporary storage ("program settings") anyway. I only found Ctrl+F12 shows you the content of that folder, but I did not find any way to move it elsewhere.

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this topic belongs to the user management of Windows. The user specific settings of the applications are there by default: C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\application.... Each user has it's own entries and is protected from other users. It doesn't make sense to save this settings on a place that is accessible for other user without to adjust the Windows Security settings of these folders. As longs as you are the only user of the PC or everybody uses the same user account one can discuss about it but if the PC is used by several users and they should have their own settings you need this archtecture.

BTW I have a small (128GB) SSD in my PC working as system disc since more than 5 years (starting with Win7, now Win10) and never had any problems regarding the data volume. I make a backup every day of the system disc (system image by Acronis True Image Home) - this should be enough to minimize a total blackout.

Which data are growing there? The maximum of the log files are 10 (1MB each) and there shouldn't be thumbnails (maybe thumbnails of an old catalog if you didn't change the location of the thumbnails - they can be deleted) because in the Daminion settings one can enter the folder of the thumbnails.

Regards, Uwe

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