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1571 - CSV Export - missing synonyms


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Synonyms, assigned e.g. to a keyword tag are not exported to the CSV file.


Regards, Uwe


Hello Uwe,


have you ever succeeded to export synonyms to csv? Maybe this option had been available in one of the old versions before me. I'll ask Murat. Anyway, now the most reliable way to export synonyms is to export them to the txt file via Catalog>Export tags.




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Hello Daria,

I don't know if that worked in older builds. I think: no, but i've never tested it before with synonyms. I've expected that it has to work because this is the way to transfer/keep information (metadata) that are not stored in the file itself and to handle file and metadata as one unit. Here we are back to the discussion: XMP sidecar files for all media formats if the metadata are not in the file.

To use "Export Tags..." means: independent on the selected items, all of the selected tags (e.g. all keywords) are exported, also tags that I don't want to export because the don't belong to the selected items.

But if I want to export all tags, this is a way that works.

Regards, Uwe

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