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1481 - Unlink items - DEL-function


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to unlink an item you can right click on the item in the Linking Window and then click on the small "button" to unlink items BUT if you press the DELETE key on the keyboard the popup to "remove from catalog/delete from disc" appears.


It seems to be a problem of the interpretation/assignment of the DEL command between the still selected item in the Thumbnail Window and the selected item in the Linking Window.

Regards, Uwe

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Hello Uwe,


before deleting an item with DEL, you always should select it by left-clicking auf it. Or use right-click > unlink item. This actions shift navigation to the window where this item is placed (linking window in this case, but DEL and deleting via right-clicking work the same way in Tray). If the linked item is not selected in the Linking window, and navigation is in the Browser window, so the item selected there will be suggested to be removed from the catalog\deleted from disc. I'm sorry, Uwe, if I misunderstand you, but it seems you just find it confusing to have the same shortcut to delete items from the linking window and from the catalog?


Or the popup "remove from catalog/delete from disc" appears when the item is selected in the Linking window? What did I miss in your post?


To make sure there is no bug I check it with my PC, 1481 build. DEL command works as expected when the item is selected. The only oddity is that the DEL command seems to start running when I click on the empty space in the linking window. Nothing is selected there. And noting is deleted either from the linking window, or from the Browser. In the Tray this behavior is not performed. Informed Alexey.


Best regards,



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